Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer

ke han ke.han at
Thu Sep 14 23:12:06 PDT 2006

I have had this problem for a month now...have tried several things  
and still no luck...I really need some advice please!!!

Here is the situation:
1 - freebsd 6.1-RELEASE-p6 running sshd in standard config.  my  
server is  hosts.allow has not been touched nor  
has just about anything else...this is a standard install.
	I have tried sshd_config ->  UseDNS yes and no to same effect, but  
otherwise its a default sshd_config.
2 - I _can_ connect to this server from a Windows XP machine with  
PuTTY (this client as all others I have tried are on separate  
networks from server1.
3 - I _cannot_ connect to server1 from OS X or another  
freebsd 6.1 client  These two clients are each on  
different networks but I get the same error: Read from socket failed:  
Connection reset by peer.
4 - My hosting provider has tried to help me debug this by connecting  
to server1 from several different clients on different  
networks...they have no problems from Linux and FreeBSD clients.
5 - Both OS X and other freebsd client (from item 3) have the same  
domain root as server1...i.e.   If this is the heart of  
the problem I do not know what to do on server1 to tell it is ok to  
accept these connections...if its a security protection, seems like a  
useless one if sshd lets my unnamed DHCP assigned Windows XP client in.

please help!!!
ke han

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