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Wed Sep 13 22:45:36 PDT 2006

On Sep 14, 2006, at 6:33 AM, hackmiester (Hunter Fuller) wrote:

> On 13 September 2006, at 15:25, Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:
>> On the other hand, you might have heard that Mac OS X is based on
>> FreeBSD.
> Although it is based on BSD, I don't think it's FreeBSD it was  
> based on. I think it goes all the way back to 4.2BSD. Or something.
>> They removed all the clear things you were talking about,
>> slipstreamed a clear-looking GUI and put a price tag on it. The  
>> result
>> is a pretty good desktop OS (for a commercial one that is). You might
>> want to try it out.
>> Take care!
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Please look at Chuck's earlier post for more information as to the  
fact that FreeBSD is used in the Mac OSX Darwin kernel.

As for how it was used, IIRC from what I've read, the Darwin kernel  
is a hybrid kernel made from the FreeBSD kernel and the Mach kernel  
from Carnegie Mellon. The Mach portion of the Darwin kernel provides  
a lot of the hardware support, resource management, and tie-ins (it's  
a micro-kernel), while the FreeBSD derived portion provides a lot of  
the BSD'ness for policies and the like (i.e. sockets, networking,  
permissions, etc).

I obtained my info from an OS book and Wikipedia, if anyone's  


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