NIC Questions for 6.1 Release

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Sep 13 06:27:14 PDT 2006

Alex Zbyslaw wrote:

> Alternatively you could just try downloading the two files and copying 
> them over your existing ones (after backing them up!) and just try and 
> see if a make buildkernel will compile them.  If the changes don't 
> rely on anything outside of these two files, you'd likely be fine.  Of 
> course, keep a copy of your current working kernel in e.g. 
> /boot/

Sorry for the hideous http links in previous email.  What *I* saw before 
I sent it was not what I got.  <sigh>

Also, download the RELENG_6 versions of the files if you try this 
approach.  Downloading the HEAD versions would be riskier and more 
likely to fail.


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