X Configuration Woes

Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 05:21:57 PDT 2006

> >
> >> I am an absolute FreeBSD Newbie and I decided to give it a try over a
> >> lazy weekend - mainly because I don't want to throw away my old PIII
> >> box. I picked up FreeBSD 5.4 which was all I got and I am dual booting
> >> it with RHEL4.3. My box is rather old ... P3 733 Mhz with 256 megs of
> >> SDRAM at 100MHz, and I installed FreeBSD on the first 6.5 Gigs of my
> >> Seagate harddrive ... connected to the Primary master IDE interface.
> >>
> Well, installing FreeBSD for the first time is more compatible with
> an ambitious weekend than an lazy one - as you probably have discovered.
> It does take considerable work, though the rewards are commensurate.
> >> ....
> >> If you can wade through this gibberish, please help.
> >>
> >> Cheers,
> >> Andy
> >
> > Some updates:
> >
> > Following this I did a fresh install using the FreeBSD6.1 CD1. Xorg
> > installed is 6.9.0.
> > I did not run xorgconfig or anything. There was no /etc/X11/xorg.conf
> > either. From the command-line I ran "xdm" and the GUI started ... I
> > could login ... and then that's about it.
> >

> > 1. The Mouse still does not work ... may be I should try MouseSystems
> > protocol.

More updates:

I did manage to get my mouse in a working state. It's an old 3-button
Logitech serial mouse. And guess what ... someone (I suspect myself)
connected it to the second serial port. All the while I thought it was
on /dev/cuad0 and I specified that as the device. Anyway, I
reconnected it to /dev/cuad0 and the pointer does move now (I was
running Linux all this while but never noticed this ... that's why
Linux is becoming Windowy ... may  be I am too cynical). I used the
"microsoft" protocol.

Still the mouse movements are not smooth all the time. The mouse
hardly moves in the console. When I run xdm or startx from the
command-line then it does move when X starts. But sometimes after some
initial movement, it freezes hopelessly. Don't know what's wrong.

> I can't say much about the mouse.   I usually let it figure out
> things itself and it works.  Is it a plain ps2 mouse (with round ps2
> connector)?   I just do the mouse test during sysinstall and it works.
> > 2. What should I do about GNOME / KDE etc. I am not aching to get a
> > jazzy a GUI on my FreeBSD installation. I can make do with a very
> > minimal one. But I want a minimal one at least now, I just have to get
> > this running or I can't sleep.
> If you don't want a fancy GUI desktop, then skip KDE and Gnome.
> I prefer to use Afterstep.   It installs nicely.
> It is found in ports at    /usr/ports/x11-wm/afterstep
> It can be a little confusing at first to set up and configure - as are
> all X things - but after getting it configured for me, it gives me what I
> need: several windows for logging in to various hosts, a button to bring
> up Firefoxand X support for whatever I run, such as OpenOffice or Xpdf
> or Xmahjongg and a couple of other games, etc.
> The only thing I haven't managed to my liking is getting it to create
> anchor buttons for each thing when I bring it up.  It only does so for the
> minimized windows.   I got that in one version, but it seemed to mess up
> the focus control and click to bring forward action so I gave up on that.
> I edited:   /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xinit/xinitrc
> to make it work my way.   I think you can make individual .xinitrc files
> in home directories as well, but I wanted mine to work for all of my
> small handful of accounts so I edited the main one.
> Have fun,
> ////jerry
> > Cheers,
> > Andy
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