samba and localhost?

Henrik Hudson lists at
Mon Sep 11 14:18:43 PDT 2006

Hey List-

running: 6.1-stable
samba: 3.0.23b

Question about the loopback interface for samba....I've got a dual-homed host 
and when I set this in my smb.cnf

bind interfaces only = yes
interfaces = em0 lo0
hosts deny = ALL
hosts allow = 127.

I get errors when running samab tests stating:

querying ECW on
Sending a packet of len 50 to ( on port 137
Packet send failed to ERRNO=Can't assign requested 
name_query failed to find name ECW#1d

I do have PF filter running, but I don't see any blocks on the pf logs.  When 
I'm actually trying to do anything with samba I just get "can't find login 
server" errors. When I modify this to:  interfaces = em0   then most of my 
services work fine, but I can't use net commands, etc.. since they try and 
connect on the localhost.

How can I fix this?

Henrik Hudson
lists at
"God, root, what is difference?" Pitr; UF (

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