rpc.lockd stalls

Tom Ierna tom at shockergroup.com
Thu Sep 7 12:26:13 PDT 2006

On Sep 7, 2006, at 2:39 PM, Kris Kennaway wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 02:12:26PM -0400, Tom Ierna wrote:
>> Is there a way to note -L via fstab? Since these machines are PXE
>> booted, unmounting and re-mounting with -L will be problematic, and
>> I'd like them to inherit this property at reboot.
> Yes, use the -o format, see the manpage.

Under the man page for mount_nfs, I have the following:

      -o      Options are specified with a -o flag followed by a  
comma sepa-
              rated string of options.  See the mount(8) man page for  
              options and their meanings.  The following NFS specific  
              are also available:
              Historic -o Options
              lockd      Same as not specifying -L.

It doesn't have any other reference to -L. Are mounts specified in  
fstab automatically non-locking, or is the man page incorrect?


Tom Ierna
Shockergroup, Inc.

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