Anyone using the txp interface driver?

Erik Osterholm erik+freebsd at
Wed Sep 6 09:31:28 PDT 2006

I sent a PR in for a problem in if_txp.c back in July and haven't seen
any activity on it.  Now I'm not complaining--I know that the
developers are pretty busy.  I'm just wondering if anyone else sees
this problem or if I'm just going crazy.

Basically, on a clean install of 6.1-RELEASE with a 3Com 3cR990-TX-97,
the card can be brought up and will talk on the network as expected.
If the interface is ever brought down and then back up, it fails to
talk anymore.

I tested it a bit more and found that various combinations of bringing
that interface up and down can eventually trigger an interrupt storm,
though I have yet to learn how to consistently reproduce this.  

So my question--does anyone even use these cards, and if so, do you
also see this behavior?


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