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Since 5.2 version FreeBSD has problems installing on older PC's, pre-2000 or
maybe pre-2002.
Move HD to newer PC do install and return to older pc and all is well.
You could all ways try installing version 4.11 and if that works then you
know for sure your pc is legacy version.

If you used FreeBSD box to download install disk you should run checksun to
see if download was good.

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I have downloaded the two disks needed for BSD, apon loading the firs disk,
I am stuck with the command list, and unable to use it, due to "can't find
kernel"   I tried loading kernel, and other commands but always get the "no
kernel" error, did I download Disk 1 & 2 incorrectly ?

I turned computer off , then inserted my Disk 1 and started my computer, but
what i told you previous is what occurred,

,can you help ?
Thanks for your time and patients
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