samba problem; member server can't authenticate

Henrik Hudson rhavenn at
Sun Sep 3 12:27:28 PDT 2006

On Sunday 03 September 2006 13:59, "Atom Powers" <atom.powers at> sent 
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> On 9/3/06, Henrik Hudson <rhavenn at> wrote:
> > I have a Samba PDC and a Samba Member Server.
> >
> > The Samba PDC works fine, but the problem is that the Member Server can't
> > authenticate users and let me browse file shares and i always get the
> Sounds like your member server can't contact the pdc's logon service.

Yeap :) 

> > the wierd thing is that sometimes:  SMBCLIENT -L ECWTEST
> > will work and list my shares. However, the first time I actually try to
> > authenticate a user to browse a share the whole shebang stops and I get
> > the above error. I'm using Konqueror and smb://ecwtest/sharename to
> > connect.
> Try to always use FQDN (ecwtest.domain.blah); or be very careful and
> complete in the way you set up your name resolution (WINS, DNS).
> Especially if you have hosts on different subnets.

I've tried it both ways. Some people say to use the FQDN and some the other 
way around.

> nmblookup is a WINS resolution tool. If your WINS server is not
> configured and functioning and your computers are on different subnets
> (or have blocking firewalls) you will have problems. If you don't use
> FQDN samba will, probably, be using WINS to resolve your host names.

My firewalls are 100% off until I get this working.

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