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Atom Powers atom.powers at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 15:31:24 UTC 2006

On 9/1/06, Gerard Seibert <gerard at seibercom.net> wrote:
> I agree for the most part. There is an option to install another MTA
> when installing FBSD. However, it might be nice if there were
> instructions on how to accomplish the following.
> 1) Totally shut down Sendmail

How about the handbook?
The postfix port will also remind you of these changes when you install it.

> 2) Changes to periodic.conf

The changes to periodic are so trivial, at least for postfix, that no
change are even necissary.

> 3) How to prevent Sendmail from being built when performing 'buildworld'

That isn't a sendmail/mta question, it's a buildworld question.
Although a footnote in the above part of the handbook would be

> I recently replied to a post on the Postfix forum when a user had
> installed Postfix when installing FBSD and consequently had no idea why
> it was not working correctly. I realize that he should have been better
> informed as to how it was to be configured; however, the sysinstall or
> if installed via ports, the posts installation routine should have given
> a more complete description of what is or should be done to complete the
> installation.

I sometimes wish the ports did a more complete install. Perhaps asking
if you wanted to enable them in rc.conf, or reminding you which config
files they use, making chanes to stock config files (rc.conf,
periodic.conf, etc) that are required to enable them, etc. But that's
a complaint that should be addressed to the port maintainers and
really has nothing to do with Sendmail.

By making the Postfix port /not/ disable Sendmail it gives you the
ability to, more easily, run Sendmail *and* Postfix on the same
machine. ie it doesn't break your current configuation.

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