Netra T1 105 (sparc64) optimization

Alexandre Vieira nullpt at
Wed Nov 29 07:24:47 PST 2006


I'm responsible for building a testbed for a network service solution and I
was given some old hardware to work with.

For example, I have a netra T1 105 working as a bridge between two vlans in
order to use ipfw+dummynet to create packet loss and latency tests in a
platform that was already deployed (quick and dirty solution). At the moment
I configured the machine to do the job and made some benchmarks but haven't
yet optimized anything so I can benchmark it later on to see the
optimizations effect.

This is the first time Im working with a sparc64 box with freebsd and I
would like to know what improvements can be done in terms of specific
sparc64 optimizations (ex. gcc flags/cputype), kernel/tunables
recommendations, comments onthis specific job (bridging and messing with the
packets in layer 3) or any other usefull info.

You can find the base configuration of the machine here:
Thanks in advance for your time!
Alexandre Vieira - nullpt at

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