acpi and boot problem

leo fante leofante at
Tue Nov 28 07:49:59 PST 2006

I've installed freebsd 6.1 on an old pc on which I've configured several
services. Everything worked fine since last week when the motherboard died.
I've replaced the mobo and found that now the acpi could work (with the old motherboard
the installation disabled the acpi at boot since the mainboard was blacklisted).

Since the old mobo was blacklisted the options on the menu were
1 default
2 boot with acpi

Now I would like to have the acpi enabled by default at boot time on the beastie menu.
1 default
2 boot without acpi

reading the man of loader.conf I've added hint.acpi.0.disabled="0"
and now the pc boots with with acpi enabled but without having
the correct options in the boot menu.

How I could fix the menu?

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