FreeBSD 6.1 setup doesn't see my HDD

Dima Floki at
Mon Nov 27 03:11:58 PST 2006

Hi all.
 I have Red Hat Linux 9 running on my server with HDD Western Digital
WD2500JB (250 GB IDE). I'd like to move to FreeBSD 6.1.
 During install from CD setup doesn't recognize geometry of my HDD (it
says 484521/16/63 is wrong geometry and switches it to 30401/255/63, but
after that still can't write anything). Red Hat works with geometry
30401/255/63. Also I've tried to enter data from BIOS - it doesn't help
 On HDD's manufacturer site I've read, that recommended geometry is cyls
16383, secs 63; total sector count - 488 397 168.

 Can someone help me to solve this problem?

 Thank you.



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