Driver for Agere 131x ?

Karl-Petter Åkesson freebsd at
Sun Nov 26 05:44:18 PST 2006


I wanted a third network card in my BSD machine and since I have a PCI-E 
1x port free I thought it could be good to buy a card for that since I 
wouldnt plug much anything else in there. The local computer shop had a 
Agere card which costed about 25$ so I just bought it. Though when I got 
home and started to search for a driver I realized no driver existed for 
FreeBSD, atleast what I could find.

There exists one for Linux which I have found some links to:

I have no experience of writing a driver for BSD nor trying to port one 
though have extensive programming experience so my question is; Is it 
very hard to do a port from Linux? Anyone got any good tips or 
references on how to start?

Agere has datasheets for chip which would make it easier as well to 
create a driver.


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