Slow Surfing all of Sudden !?

Graham Bentley admin at
Tue Nov 21 12:22:57 PST 2006

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006 19:56:47 -0000, Chuck Swiger <cswiger at> wrote:

> Graham Bentley wrote:
> [ ... ]
>> Looking at my router lights there seems to be a delay after pressing
>> enter (after typing the URL) then ... some seconds later the page comes
>> streaming in. Its odd because I noticed this exact behaviour some
>> months ago when I tried out PCBSD.
>>  Everything starts of nice and quick as far as browsing the web
>> is concerned then after some time / event ? this delay gets
>> introduced ?
>>  How would I go about trying to figure out what is causing this effect ?
> Run "tcpdump not port 80", and pay especial attention to the packets  
> which are sent just before you notice these pauses.
> In general, it's probably a DNS lookup issue; you might find that  
> disabling IPv6 lookups (unless you use IPv6) or running a local copy of  
> bind with the -4 flag will help.


Thanks, tcpdump is cool :)

I can see use of my isp dns etc. Very oddly things have speeded up
again at some point this afternoon ? Perhaps, its not 'my fault' and the
isp are up to something ?

Anyway, its nice and snappy again so sorry for the noise (I learnt  
though - Tnx!)

Any tips for fine tuning tcp over adsl ?

BTW - I compiled ipv6 out of my kernel - did I do bad ?
BTW2 - Is it worth configuring Bind for local use on a single box ?
Even from an educational viewpoint ?

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