Totally stumped - very long post

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Tue Nov 21 07:46:50 PST 2006

--On Tuesday, November 21, 2006 06:08:14 +0000 Joe Holden 
<joe at> wrote:
>> Here's something odd.  If I change the first octet to anything other
>> than 66, the traceroutes run normally.  But if I leave the first octet
>> at 66 and change any of the other octets, they all return host is down.
>> I double checked, and the defaultrouter is in /etc/rc.conf.
> Well of course, double check your routing table ;) (hint: second route
> entry)
Care to give me a bigger hint?  I'm not a routing guru.

I tried this with no luck:
route delete 66
route: writing to routing socket: No such process
delete host 66: not in table

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