I don't see anything to answer my q

Jona Joachim jaj13 at web.de
Mon Nov 20 19:06:21 PST 2006

rickie lyman wrote:
> I am a newbee and sometimes Dizzy too. My question is I have a computer
> that
> has a rather large drive but it is all formated in NTFs and yes it has XP
> Pro on it how would I be able to put Free BSD on there without loosing the
> files I have with the other operating system?? I told you that I was
> confused.

Hi and welcome!
How much of a newbie are you? Do you know what partitions, BSD slices
and disk labels are and how they work? If you don't know what I'm
talking about the easiest and safest is to put a new/unused hard drive
into your box and install FreeBSD on it.
There are proprietary tools like PartitionMagic that allow you to resize
NTFS partitions but I don't know how well they work and how safe they
are. *Always* create a backup of your data before using tools like this.
I'm not aware of any free program that has advanced support for NTFS.


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