The Opera browser on FreeBSD

Daniel Goldman danielg at
Mon Nov 20 11:35:21 PST 2006

I was just made aware of the recent discussion here about Opera and  
FreeBSD. Some of you pointed out that Opera has neglected FreeBSD users  
for some time already. Well... I'm here to fix that.

First off, have the issues with the browser been posted to the FreeBSD  
forum ( in the Opera  
Community Forums? We actively monitor and reply to these forums. This  
should be the place to go for Opera support on FreeBSD.

What are the primary issues with the browser on FreeBSD? We would like to  
fix all of the problems, of course, but we need to prioritize them  
accordingly. We need your help.


Daniel Goldman
Technical Evangelist at Opera Software
Mobile: +1 443 622 9026

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