HP pavillion dv8000 hotkey mappings

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Mon Nov 20 07:36:06 PST 2006

Nathan Vidican <nvidican at wmptl.com> writes:

> Does anyone know how to make use of the hotkeys for multimedia
> functions? (ie: play/pause, stop, prev, next, vol-up, vol-down, mute,
> etc) ... Have found several articles on these machines, but most
> pertaining to the way one particular linux distro vs another makes use
> of these keys.
> Most specifically, I'd like to get them to work from within kde, mixer
> function more than anything (need quick mute/vol-up/down - could live
> without the rest). I'm just not sure where/how to map the keys using
> freebsd/xorg?
> Hoping it'll be something simple, but what? - or is this something
> more complex regarding acpi ?
> Any ideas, suggestions, comments, or redirects greatly appreciated.

If they produce x events (check with xev), then they can be mapped
like any other event.  I recently had such a keyboard, however, and
those keys didn't produce any events.  I didn't have a chance to play
with it much, though; I had to get rid of it for unrelated reasons.

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