devfs creates unwanted devices in jail after ruleset applied

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Sun Nov 19 13:34:43 PST 2006

If no one has any ideas, suggestions on perhaps a better place to
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On Sat, 18 Nov 2006 10:52:55 -0500, "Steve Brown"
<freebsd-questions at> said:
> I am running a DNS server in a jail and have setup a devfs mount in the
> jail to have null and random devices.
> The setup works fine, but once I log out then log back in the pty and
> tty devices of my login get created in the jail. Which, of course, I
> don't want to happen. To clarify, I'm not talking about "logging into
> the jail", this occurs when logging on to the system. The jail is
> stripped down, not anywhere close to a virtual server.
> I do the following to create the jail'd devfs at startup:
>      mount_devfs devfs JAILDIR/dev
>      devfs -m JAILDER/dev rule -s 35 add hide
>      devfs -m JAILDIR/dev rule -s 35 add path null unhide
>      devfs -m JAILDIR/dev rule -s 35 add path random unhide
>      devfs -m JAILDIR/dev rule -s 35 applyset
> This works great - I get a dev directory setup with just null and
> random. But the second anyone logs into the system, whammo all the
> sudden pty and tty devices appear inside the jail's /dev directory.
> If anyone would care to unclueless me I would appreciate it.
> Steve
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