Zabbix Port out of Date

David Schulz mailinglists at
Thu Nov 9 15:09:32 UTC 2006

Hello all,

i am using Zabbix, which is similar to Nagios for those who dont  
know, to monitor important Servers and Devices in my Network. The  
Zabbix Version in the Ports is 1.1.1, and it has numerous show- 
stopping Bugs in it. Fortunately Zabbix 1.1.3 is released which fixes  
a great many of them. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem the Zabbix  
Version in the Ports is going to get updated. I have send the Port- 
maintainer two E-Mails with long breaks between them from two  
different Mail Accounts, but there isn't a response. So my question  
is in general, what happens if the Port Maintainer cant be reached  
for a long time. Can or will someone else assume Position as the Port  


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