Questions on first-time installation

Bob Schwartz bob at
Wed Nov 8 15:47:35 UTC 2006

 >>Be really careful. The windows boot loader should be able to boot a
freebsd install for you.<,

Thank you.

Either one works for me as long as I get full choice. If the windows loader
simply picks up bsd and offers it in addition to the two windows installs
that I need, no problem. Ditto if the bsd boot manager hands me off to the
windows boot manager and gives me both choices.

My concern...and I was going to write the group and that bsd's
manager only returns one of the windows systems.

What do you think, please?

>> Dell usually ship their machines with a small partition at the front of
the drive (at least, they did last time I received one). That partition is
at an odd offset and didn't agree with the FBSD partition editor: I found
this out the hard way. Things may have changed since then; I usually nuke
the dell partition anyway.<<

They still do...and while I could nuke it, now that I have windows installs
that I don't want to disturb, I am afraid to.

If I leave them there, what, in your experience, happens?

Thanks, jan....

PS  off to have my bangers and mash<g>

Bob Schwartz
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