Hard Drive Issues

David Kelly dkelly at HiWAAY.net
Wed Nov 8 02:55:50 UTC 2006

Thinking about this a bit more. Don't mount all your new partitions  
before starting dump. Only mount the new root at /mnt. I think you  
*can* mount them all in advance but there are two sets of mode bits  
which apply to a mounted filesystem, those of the filesystem, and  
those of its mount point. I think if you let restore create the mount  
points you will most accurately clone the permissions. /tmp is  
particularly different.

On Nov 7, 2006, at 5:44 PM, David Kelly wrote:

> Use dump to read the old drive one partition at a time piped thru  
> stdout
> into restore. Double check the following as I'm typing off the top  
> of my
> head:
> # dump -0af - /    | ( cd /mnt; restore -rf - )

In copying / you should now have the mount points for other filesystems.

# mount /dev/<newdisk_etc> /mnt/etc

> # dump -0af - /etc | ( cd /mnt/etc; restore -rf - )

# mount /dev/<newdisk_var> /mnt/var

> # dump -0af - /var | ( cd /mnt/var; restore -rf - )


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