Cacti -vs- mrtg

Jonathan McKeown jonathan at
Tue Nov 7 08:00:59 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 09:48, Jeff Mohler wrote:
> I can use MRTG, and have MRTG do what I want it to do.
> Id like to try cacti, I alone in finding that it's a PITA?
> Im not trying to be negative, just looking for a reality check.
> I like the simplicity of mrtg, but I like the "go back in time" of
> cacti to view performance data.

I wasn't keen on cacti just because I have an irrational dislike of PHP.

I installed cricket (written in Perl), which ISTR also takes a bit of 
wrestling to configure, but seems to work well enough.


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