Wacom Graphire USB support

Dave Grochowski malus.x at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 02:42:04 UTC 2006


Matt Carr wrote:
> I've been looking at switching to FreeBSD for a few weeks now.  The 
> only thing holding me back now is that I cannot find out if USB Wacom 
> grahics tablets are supported.  I don't use a regular mouse in order 
> to reduce wrist strain.  So I thought I ask here if they are supported 
> or if anyone has found a way to get them to work?  Or am I stuck with 
> Mandriva for a while longer?
> My tablet is a USB 6x8 Wacom Graphire 3 (model#CTE630 Vendor Id: 056a 
> Product Id: 0014), if that hepls. 
When I plug in my Intuos, FreeBSD detects it as a uhid device.  As long 
as you configure X to use it, it should work fine.  I'm not sure if the 
pressure sensitivity will work though. I do not recall how to set it up 
in Xorg, seeing as how I have no use for it currently, so I cannot help 
you there.  The lack of a decent paint program in FreeBSD has negated my 
need for tablet support.

Dave Grochowski

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