Problem with ICH4 fxp driver and FreeBSD 6

Stefan Kohl s.o.k at
Fri Nov 3 17:57:58 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I am encountering a strange problem compiling a kernel for a MS-6557 mainboard (a Hermes 845GV) with Intel845GV Chipset.
Everything is OK with the GENERIC 6.0 Kernel; but as soon as I install a self compiled kernel (6.0 or 6.1), I get fxp driver timeouts.

On loading the if_fxp.ko module (+miibus.ko) the driver is recognised and the interface is configured correctly, but as soon as network traffic is generated, I get the fxp driver timeout message (and hence bo network connectivity ;-( No other error messages apear and every other bit of hardware seems to be recognised and ok.
I suspect resource problems (like IRQ), but I am vague about PCI and IRQ settings. I have tried a kernel with all unneccessary hardware deactivated (usb, firewire) but to no avail.

Can anyone give me some hints, about how to get about?
I am glad to give detailed information about kernel and system configuration.

Thanks in advance, Stefan
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