Squid and CPU usage

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Wed Mar 29 18:13:14 UTC 2006

Rodrigo G. Tavares de Souza wrote:
>    I'd like to know if is it common Squid works with 100% of the CPU.
>    I'm using a Pentium III 900, running Squid + Apache + IPFW.

No, it's not common.  I've had a squid process running for about 4 months (Nov
05) that's accumulated about 50 minutes of CPU, handling perhaps 50K hits a day.

I need to update it sooner or later, though.

>    It's happening always when I get a problem with the DSL, when it get
> slow.
>    Is it normal, or could I do some configuration to fix that?

Having the network connection go down shouldn't freak it out.  You should
perhaps update to the latest version in ports and restart squid, and see whether
it behaves.


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