User unknown?

Guillaume R. raimondeau at
Wed Mar 29 11:19:41 UTC 2006

2006/3/28, Erik Nørgaard <norgaard at>:
> Guillaume R. wrote:
> > 2006/3/28, Erik Norgaard <norgaard at>:
> > Hello
> >> You should be able to find this in /var/log/maillog. Include the error
> >> message from the maillog.
> > Oki I'm checking that: it seems that sm (sendmail) is used...
> >> Did you upgrade postfix when you moved from linux to freebsd? Maybe your
> >> configuration is no longer current and should be updated.
> > I've not setup my postfix yet: generally I setup fetchmail+procmail
> > first (to test my regexp and update the procmailrc file) and then I
> > setup my postfix as a simple relay to send mail via the smtp server of
> > my provider for example.
> > Do you think that my problem comes from a misconfiguration in the
> > original sendmail config? I never use sendmail and on this box i never
> > edit any sendmail file...
> Not a misconfig, by default sendmail on freebsd only delivers to local
> users. If the user is not a local user it should respond with an error
> like that. Could be that this is the problem.
> I think I would work the other way arround, get postfix fired up to do
> the mail delivery you want.
Oki I configure my postfix and tell u the result asap. For me the user
is a local one...Should I remove sendmail or sth? It seems to be used
by default so...
Thx for all

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