How to clear userland?

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Wed Mar 29 08:25:24 UTC 2006

Graham North wrote:

> mtree eh?   I had to man that one... and I will obviously have to read 
> it again - properly.   Any chance of asking for a bit of perspective on 
> the command from you?   If not, no big deal I will do a bit some 
> background reading.

you do something like this to rebuild the directory structure of  /usr/local:

   mtree -U -f /etc/mtree/bsd.local.dist -p /usr

Two things to note: I'm on 6.0, you may have a different -f argument. I 
don't if the -p argument should be /usr/local, I don't think so. Anyway, 
you can test and see what happens using -p /tmp that should create 
something in /tmp that you can then just delete.

I know on 6.x that mtree is run on 'make installworld' to update the 
directory base tree, but I'm not sure if it is run for /usr/local and 
/usr/X11R6 since these are not part of base. For 4.x I don't remember.

Cheers, Erik
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