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Tue Mar 28 13:49:05 UTC 2006

At 12:57 28.03.2006, Glenn Dawson wrote:
>At 02:29 AM 3/28/2006, Vaaf wrote:
>>At 12:24 28.03.2006, Rodrigo G. Tavares de Souza wrote:
>>>   How could I show the path on prompt or see colored files when I 
>>> make a ls command?
>>>Best Regards,
>>>Rodrigo Souza
>>>Sao Paulo - Brazil
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>>Try to install /usr/ports/shells/zsh, and use this as your /etc/zshrc:
>>###  BEGIN
>>umask 022
>>alias vi='vim'
>>alias j='jobs -l'
>>alias h='history'
>>alias ls='ls -G'
>>alias cd..='cd ..'
>>alias cd...='cd ../..'
>>alias cd....='cd ../../..'
>>alias cd.....='cd ../../../..'
>>alias cd......='cd ../../../../..'
>>alias cd/='cd /'
>>alias wf='w -f'
>>alias ws='w -s'
>>alias df='df -h'
>>alias ftp='lftp'
>>alias pfdump='tcpdump -n -e -ttt -r /var/log/pflog'
>>alias pfmonitor='tcpdump -n -e -ttt -i pflog0'
>>alias pfreload='pfctl -F all && pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf'
>>alias pfshow='pfctl -vvsr'
>>autoload -U compinit
>>compinit -C
>>zstyle ':completion:*' completer _complete _prefix
>>zstyle ':completion::prefix-1:*' completer _complete
>>zstyle ':completion:incremental:*' completer _complete _correct
>>zstyle ':completion:predict:*' completer _complete
>>zstyle ':completion::complete:*' use-cache 1
>>zstyle ':completion::complete:*' cache-path ~/.zsh/cache/$HOST
>>zstyle ':completion:*' expand 'yes'
>>zstyle ':completion:*' squeeze-slashes 'yes'
>>zstyle ':completion::complete:*' '\'
>>zstyle ':completion::complete:*:tar:directories' file-patterns '*~.*(-/)'
>>zstyle ':completion:*:complete:-command-::commands' ignored-patterns '*\~'
>>zstyle ':completion:*:matches' group 'yes'
>>zstyle ':completion:*:options' description 'yes'
>>zstyle ':completion:*:options' auto-description '%d'
>>zstyle ':completion:*:history-words' stop verbose
>>zstyle ':completion:*:history-words' remove-all-dups yes
>>zstyle ':completion:*:history-words' list false
>>zstyle ':completion:*:default' list-colors ${(s.:.)LS_COLORS}
>>PROMPT+=$'%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%} '
>>if [[ `whoami` = root ]] then
>>         PROMPT=$'%{\e[01;31m%}(%{\e[22;31m%}%n%{\e[01;30m%}@'
>>         PROMPT+=$'%{\e[22;31m%}%m%{\e[01;31m%})%{\e[01;31m%}%{\e[01;31m%}('
>>         PROMPT+=$'%{\e[01;31m%})%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%}\n%{\e[01;31m%}('
>>         PROMPT+=$'%{\e[01;30m\e[00m%} '
>>###  END
>>This is truly a beautiful prompt.
>If you're using /bin/csh that comes with FreeBSD, the following will 
>do what you asked about:
>set prompt="%/ "
>setenv CLICOLOR
>For more info, see the prompt variable in the csh(1) man page, and 
>the environment section of the ls(1) man page.
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Yeah but I'm sure Mr Souza appreciates some good design also?

-- Vaaf

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