help needed - GBDE mounts on top of FUSE sshfs (fails)

Ensel Sharon user at
Mon Mar 27 17:45:32 UTC 2006


I have posted this before on -questions and -hackers, and gotten no

Basically, I have remote storage that I can access over ssh (from, who I _love_) and I use sshfs in FreeBSD 6.0 ports tree to
mount my filesystem locally.  I followed this FreeBSD sshfs tutorial:

The good news is, it works great.  The bad news is, I cannot create a GBDE
in the mounted sshfs.  Here are the details:

When I place the backing-store-file (for my GBDE) on a mounted sshfs
(fuse) volume, it no longer works.  Specifically, when I issue command:

gbde init /dev/md0 -i -L /etc/gbde/md0

and save the resulting file that opens in my editor (without making any
changes, as usual), after typing in my passphrase twice, I get this error:

Enter new passphrase:
Reenter new passphrase: 
gbde: write: Input/output error

Is this expected ?  Is this a specific problem with fuse-fs, or would this
fail if I tried to put the backing store on any kind of other mounted
abnormal filesystem ? (say an NFS mount, or another md-backed mount point)

Any comments ?  I really want an offsite encrypted volume.  I have the
offsite from, and the transport is encrypted via sshfs, but I am
paranoid and do not want them (or anyone) to see the contants, so I want
to just upload a single 2gig file and make a GBDE on it.


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