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Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Mon Mar 27 01:06:23 UTC 2006

Benjamin Lutz wrote:

>On Saturday 25 March 2006 16:26, Kevin Kinsey wrote:
>>Installer, yes.  "good system for installing programs" ... some would
>>differ.  Ease of use isn't the only thing that FreeBSD ports offers,
>>and I'm not sure that PCBSD has that figured out; obviously, that's
>>open for discussion.  Seems to me, and some others, that PCBSD's
>>implementation of 3rd party software may get its users in the same
>>sort of "libc hell" that many Linux users find themselves in someplace
>>down the road.
>I tried PC-BSD a couple of weeks ago. What they seem to do is include all the 
>necessary libs with a program, and install each program into a dedicated 
>library. So while there is bloat, a library hell there shouldn't be.

I appreciate that comment; do we dare discuss it further?  (And,
it will take a more knowledgeable "guru" than me to do so, probably).

What happens if there is an API/ABI change of the type that occurs
once in a FBSD full moon ... 'please recompile all ports', or at least,
'all ports dependent on /usr/ports/foo/bar'?

I suppose from an end-user standpoint, it's no worse than taking
your (MSFT) computer to the shop and them "flattening" it, and
you have to reinstall and restore a backup.  But from my perspective,
(and I've got to admit not giving it a whole lot of thought just yet)
this could be "off-putting" to users, to say the least, and how will
PCBSD handle this (reinstallation requirement).  In leaving the
"traditional" FBSD system, what's taking its place for upgrading/
updating, etc.?

If you've got a good case, you might want to take it over to
##freebsd at freenode --- seems PCBSD gets badmouthed a
little over there at times.

And, I'm in danger of going way OT; if we need to continue, we
should probably go chat@ ....


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