Cyrus-IMAP disallowing clear text connections

Erik Nørgaard norgaard at
Sun Mar 26 21:37:49 UTC 2006


I have a Postfix/Cyrus-IMAP setup, Postfix requires TLS and user 
authentication to relay mail, and cyrus requires TLS and user 
authentication to retrieve mail. Or so I thought:

I just tested to see that things were in fact encrypted and unencrypted 
connection was refused, works fine for Postfix but Cyrus-IMAP accepts 
unencrypted connections _and_ authentication even though I have set the 
following in imapd.conf

   allowplaintext: yes
   allowplainwithouttls: no

How do I force the use of TLS for Cyrus-IMAP?

Also: Postfix allows hiding authentication mechanisms unless TLS is 
invoked (so in clear text, capabilities just show STARTTLS), while 
Cyrus-IMAP announces everything. Is there anyway to be more strict with 
the cyrus in respect of what it announces?

Thanks, Erik

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