List Etiquette Question - Thank yous

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Fri Mar 24 22:45:07 UTC 2006

Jerry McAllister wrote:

>>I have never been on a list from which I have received as much help as this 
>>one, which raises a question for me. I would like to thank the people who 
>>post questions to my answers, such as the fellow below, but don't want to 
>>spam people's inboxes and/or the with thank-you notes that may be archived 
>>for all time. Do people generally expect a note of thanks?
>Well, it is considered a good thing to respond with some information
>or statement indicating if and how something was actually successful in
>fixing a problem so that that information will get archived.
>You could include a brief thank you in that message.
>Anyway, considering how much dross and OT rave-ons that get posted
>to the list, I can't imagine that anyone would object to a pleasant
>thank you now and then.
Thanks for that, Jerry.  ;)

Kevin Kinsey

Your own qualities will help prevent your advancement in the world.




It's helpful to say "thank you!".  Sometimes, when you're sitting
the livelong day staring at the monitor, you need that.  It's
particularly an effective remedy for troll attacks and the pain
of burns from flame wars.

As another posted mentioned, it's often nice, if a problem is
a "big" one, if the resolution of the problem is "summed up"
as well, for the archive's sake.

I think that the best reward for many of us is that people
use and enjoy FreeBSD, and get some real work done with it,
as well.


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