Video iPod and FreeBSD 6.0-SECURITY

Jeff Cross jeff.cross at
Thu Mar 23 19:03:07 UTC 2006

I recently purchased a Video iPod (30GB) and am unable to mount it as a
drive in FreeBSD.  There is no device created for it when it is
inserted.  All I receive is umass0: Apple iPod, rev 2.00/0.01, addr 2
but no daX device.  Can anyone lend a hand on how I can mount this
device so I can use GNUpod once again?!

I also had a very scary experience happen to me when booting my laptop
in to FreeBSD with the iPod connected.  I blogged about it here...

...and am anxious to know if anyone knows why my laptop failed the
volume checks when mounting the partitions.  It hosed my iPod up
temporarily as well.  If anyone is interested in reading that post and
commenting I would greatly appreciate it.  I now know not to boot my
laptop up with the Video iPod connected!

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Cross

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