favorite ATA/SATA hard disk brand?

Tamouh H. hakmi at rogers.com
Thu Mar 23 00:29:12 UTC 2006

> What brand / make / model ATA / SATA hard disks do you prefer?
> I am looking to purchase some SATA disks in the 160 - 300GB size.
> I got a good deal (I think) on a Samsung OEM 250GB disk for 
> $95 at my local MicroCenter, but read on the web a few days 
> later one gamer / system builder / geeks-on-call type that he 
> had *4* Samsung OEM disks all die on him.  So he swore off Samsung.
> So whom do you like / recommend?
> I'm currently organizing a list in my mind that looks something like:
>     #1 Seagate Barracuda SATA disks
>     #2 Hitachi Deskstar (formerly IBM)
>     #3 Fujitsu (models not known)
>     #4,5,6 Maxtor, Samsung, Western Digital
> Intended use is for a server (NFS, maybe SAMBA) in a RAID-1 
> (mirrored) configuration.  I am thinking of using an ASUS 
> A8V, A8V-E SE, or one of the A8N Nvidia Nforce4 motherboards. 
>  OSes to include:  FreeBSD, Linux, Winbloze (maybe).
> Your experiences, expertise, recommendations are most welcome.
> --
> Steve Camp
> steve at camp.com

This is a hit and miss situation. Each manufacturer has at least one model line that goes wrong. Too many factors affecting failure rates, and reliability in the desktop market is not really a 1st priority.

I used to say Seagate is the best, however, after I said that, 3 SATA drives failed , 1 SCSI and a replacement drive failed on me. 

I've been using on my local station a Samsung since 3 years ago, it is a bit slow, but has been quite reliable that I'm pondering to go with Samsung drives.

I never had WD fail on me, however, seen a lot of customers WD fail!

The top in their game in my opinion:

SCSI: IBM, Seagate, Fujitsu, Hitachi (maybe?)

ATA/SATA: WD , Seagate, Samsung

Notebooks: Seagate , Fujitsu  (I didn't like Toshiba nor Hitachi)

Never buy Maxtor for servers, I know that one for sure from my own experience and in conversations with a large DC tech guy.

After all, you and your luck. It seems each person have a lucky start drive manufacturer.

Good luck!


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