6.1-BETA 4 stable for normal use?

Sergey Kovalev skoval at mail.mipt.ru
Wed Mar 22 05:53:41 UTC 2006

Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to try out FreeBSD and was wondering whether
> I should start with 6.1-BETA4 or 6.0? Its just for
> home use anyways, more as a way to fool around with
> FreeBSD a bit, so was wondering if 6.1-BETA4 would
> suffice for the purpose ... is it stable enough or
> would it give me issues? 
> Also, suppose I were to go with 6.0, is there some way
> I can update to the 6.1 release when its released,
> *without* downloading the CDs etc? Maybe give some
> command which would download the required parts over
> the Internet? 

I think you better install 6.0 so you can later upgrade it to 6.1 when 
it would be released and tested several weeks.
The upgrade procedure is not so simple and requires much attention, but 
it is pretty good described in FreeBSD Handbook, and you can get 
valueble expirience in upgrading. You won't need to download CDs.
Besides I think security patches for 6.0 would be provided until 6.2 
version of FreeBSD will be released.

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