dump level 9

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at dial.pipex.com
Mon Mar 20 11:30:19 UTC 2006

Paolo Tealdi wrote:

> Hurra !
> I resolved!


> Obviously newfs did not resolve. :-(
> But...
> i studied the problem from another point of view reading dump sources, 
> as you suggested.
> dump thinks that file has changed if :
> a) modification date has changed
> b) cdate has changed : cdate is the date of inode modification
> throught stat utility (very nice) i noticed that every file under 
> /home had a cdate very recent.
> comparing dates i got solution : sophos antivirus, that starts every 
> night with a complete /home scan, modifies cdate.
> Unfortunately i installed sophos antivirus more or less in the same 
> days of the power cut ...

Damn.  Kicking myself for not asking you about cdate.

> I think that sophos support will receive a question in the next few 
> days ... :-)

Shame your email can't include a big kick in the pants for whoever a) 
thought this was a good idea in the first place b) didn't pick up such 
dumb behaviour in testing.


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