Do you use MySQL?

Daniel A. ldrada at
Thu Mar 16 13:04:17 UTC 2006

On 3/16/06, Greg 'groggy' Lehey <grog at> wrote:
> If you use MySQL on FreeBSD, you have many choices, probably too many:
> which version of FreeBSD?  Which version of MySQL?  Which threading
> libraries?  Where do you get the MySQL software from?  How do you
> install it?  In all likelihood you'd be happier with less choice: just
> the right one.
The "right choice" really depends on your needs. If you just need a
MySQL server installation, you can do it all without hassle. Install
whatever FreeBSD version you prefer, and then install whatever MySQL
version you want from the ports tree. It's not complicated. It's a
> At MySQL, we're talking about how to simplify this mess^Wsituation.
> Obviously with my MySQL hat on, I'd recommend release 5.0; with my
> FreeBSD hat on, I'd recommend 6.1-RELEASE when it comes out next week.
> But that doesn't mean that you have to agree with me, and there are a
> number of other questions anyway.  I'd like some feedback from users
> on the following questions:
> - Which version of FreeBSD are you running?
Latest RELEASE (6.0)
> - Which version of MySQL are you running?
5.0.18 - The latest stable release in the ports tree
> - If you're not running MySQL 5.0, why not?
Does not apply
> - Where do you get your MySQL software from?
>From the ports collection
>   * From the MySQL web site?
>   * From a FreeBSD CD/DVD distribution?
>   * Package (precompiled) from the FreeBSD web site (either directly
>     or via a mirror)?
>   * From the ports collection?
> - Which threading library are you using?  Why?
Because it's default.
> - Have you had to change the default installation (different compile
>   flags, different installation directories, etc.)?
> - Do you have any problems that you think are related to the choice of
>   the version you're using?
> Normally I send messages to this forum with the following request:
>   When replying to this message, please copy the original recipients.
>   If you don't, I may ignore the reply or reply to the original
>   recipients.
> In this case, I'm expecting many answers.  Clearly, individual answers
> are not as interesting as the statistics.  Feel free to answer
> directly to me, or to copy the list, as you prefer.  I'll summarize
> after a while.
> This message is *not* soliciting information about general problems
> you might have with MySQL.  I'll certainly listen if you have this
> kind of problem, but please make it a separate message to this list.
> Greg
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> Are you MySQL certified?

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