Raidtest/3Ware 6000 Throughput

Don O'Neil don at
Thu Mar 16 05:28:35 UTC 2006

Hi all....
   I'm doing some stress testing (trying to force pre-mature failures of
disks if they're going to happen and check system stability) of a 3-Ware
6000 series RAID card w/ some EIDE drives attached to it in RAID 5 mode....
I am getting the following results from raidtest:

Read 500000 requests from
Number of READ requests: 249361.
Number of WRITE requests: 250639.
Number of bytes to transmit: 32888206336.
Number of processes: 1000.
Bytes per second: 4737569
Requests per second: 72 

Does this seem accurate? Should I only be seeing 4.7 MB/second throughput or
is raidtest just not a good way to measure peak throughput?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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