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Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Mar 15 20:00:48 UTC 2006

Sorry, my mistake.  Check:

You should the line:
hosts: files dns

With the files listed first


At 01:56 PM 3/15/2006, eoghan wrote:
>Derek Ragona wrote:
>>Check your resolv.conf, should have files first.
>>         -Derek
>resolve.conf reads
>>At 01:44 PM 3/15/2006, eoghan wrote:
>>>Steve Bertrand wrote:
>>>>>Yes, mine reads:
>>>>>::1             localhost nathaniel
>>>>>       localhost nathaniel
>>>>>Upon starting apache, i can only get to it by using the ip.
>>>>> wont work either. I just get the unable to connect message 
>>>>>from the browser. Any ideas?
>>>>Under the Listen directive in your httpd.conf file, are you binding
>>>>Apache to a single IP?
>>>>Mine reads:
>>>>Listen 80
>>>>Which means listen on port 80 on all IP's. If you have an entry as such:
>>>>Listen 123.456.789.111:80
>>>>It will listen on port 80 on ONLY that IP, and ignore all other
>>>>requests, including localhost/
>>>Yep, its:
>>>Listen 80
>>>ServerName localhost
>>>Where do i get the text from the boot? Im getting some weird Network is 
>>>unreachable messages in here that may have something to do with it?
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