mail backup solution?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Mar 13 13:22:00 UTC 2006

Carlos Silva, wrote:
> I have my email stored at a reseller account (via imap) on a server.
> My intention is that my server at home, download all the emails via imap
> to backup automatically everyday.
> But, I dont want that my server download repeated messages (because i
> have thousands of emails...).
> Someone has a solution?

Your mail hosting provider should have working backups, although it is worth

Anyway, if you use IMAP to download the mailboxes, your locally cached copy of
that information on a client machine could be backed up as well.  It's not as
useful as backing things up at the server side, but it would ensure that you
still have copies of the important mail.

Otherwise, simply export your mailboxes to a mbox file once a week or once a
month or so and archive that separately.


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