To track or not to track

Derek Ragona derek at
Fri Mar 10 10:32:36 UTC 2006

Yes I use the same CVS tags for the ports and user, and src.


At 11:15 PM 3/9/2006, Chris Maness wrote:

>>>I just wanted to get pros and cons for tracking the whole port tree on a 
>>>production server.
>>>Any opinions?
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>Derek Ragona wrote:
>>I will use a CVS tag to update a release for any officially reported 
>>security issues.  You can look up the right tags here:
>>However, with production boxes, I have either non-production boxes I 
>>update first to test the release, or secondary production boxes I update first.
>>I only update these systems if the security issue will effect the 
>>use.  For instance, if it is an issue with ipfw, but I am not using that 
>>on a box, I don't bother to update it.
>>Hope this helps,
>>         -Derek
>Are you using these tags for the ports or the base system + userland?  I 
>love the way that I can track the security/bug fixes by tracking a branch 
>of the code for the src directory.  It would be nice if ports forked too.

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