Setting fbsd up as a router?

Martin Hudec corwin at
Wed Mar 8 19:04:43 UTC 2006


wc_fbsd at wrote:
> It is not 'BSD based [wish it was]  but rather than reinvent the wheel, 
> I would strongly recommend you try out  IP-Cop   A 
> mere 20MB download gets you a CD ISO image that installs the whole Linux 
> based firewall on a PC.  Up to 4 interfaces, web configuration, traffic 
> statistics, snort, transparent squid proxy, DHCP, VPN,  just about 
> anything you would probably want.

 From FreeBSD area of specialized firewalls:
Based on 4.x/ipf,ipfw etc. there is m0n0wall (
Based on 6.x/pf etc. there is pfSense (

 From Linux area of specialized firewalls there is also Shurdix 
available (


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