Finding a file with wrong permissions

Josh Paetzel josh at
Wed Mar 8 16:58:21 UTC 2006

I managed to install a pkg that I created and somehow the file 
+COMMENT wasn't created in /var/db/pkg/portname.  I touched +COMMENT 
in the correct directory because pkg_info was complaining about a 
missing +COMMENT.  Some time has gone by and I have forgotten which 
port it is.  Now pkg_info complains:

pkg_info: show_file: can't open '+COMMENT' for reading

I'm looking for a way to locate this file.

#find /var/db/pkg -perm 644 -name +COMMENT | wc -l

#pkg_info | wc -l
pkg_info: show_file: can't open '+COMMENT' for reading

I've looked through the manpage for find and can't find a 'not' 
modifier.  Is there an easy way to find a file that doesn't have a 
specific permission.  ie something like: 

#find /var/db/pkg -perm !644 -name +COMMENT


Josh Paetzel

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