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Danial Thom danial_thom at
Tue Mar 7 15:06:03 UTC 2006

--- Sam Nilsson <lists at> wrote:

> Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> > Is there a reason why both the old and new
> logos cannot be used in 
> > tandem? I'd rather leave the old one up on my
> web site, since, 
> > personally, I like it better ... I understand
> the argument for a 'new 
> > logo', but, quite frankly, after looking at
> the new one, I'm surprised 
> > the same arguments (being associated with a
> demon) isn't still being 
> > made, since the new one *still* gives that
> same connotation ...
> > 
> > My preference is to keep using the old logo
> ("Beastie") on my web site, 
> > and I imagine there are others that feel the
> same way ... are we going 
> > to be "shunned" as a result?  I would hope
> not ...
> I'm not really on one side or another on this,
> but it occurs to me that 
> a lot of people may be missing a subtle
> distinction. From what I 
> understand "Beastie" is a mascot and not a logo
> although he may have 
> been used in place of a logo since there was no
> logo previously. The 
> addition of a logo should allow FreeBSD to
> appear more professional. The 
> new logo should be complementary to Beastie and
> live along side it.
> Peace
> - Sam

It seems to me that the problem with Beastie is
that its trademarked and you can't use it freely
without permission. So having a logo that you own
is a good idea. What's a bad idea is having a
stupid logo that doesn't translate into anything
that anyone would want sitting in the back window
of their car or on a bumper sticker. You can't
give out fuzzy-horned balls at a trade show.

The reason that BSD is what it is (that is, an
obscure OS to the masses) is because BSD camps
are run by a bunch of geeky programmers that have
no sense of marketing. LINUX, which we'll all
agree is an inferior technical product, gets a
lot of milage out of their stupid penguin. At
least its identifiable and marketable. Learn from
your competitors.


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