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Marc Ravenor wrote on 07-03-2006 11:58:
> I work for a systems integrator based in the UK. I have a client that is
> currently using FreeBSD version 4.11 and version 6. He currently wants
> to use the software on an HP DL320 G4 server. The problem he is facing
> at the moment is that when the software is loaded he is unable to see
> the drives in the server.
Probably HP is using a device which is not enabled in the stock FreeBSD
6.0 kernel. Does the output of a "dmesg" give you any clues ?
Compare the "dmesg" of the 4.11 boot and the one from the 6.0 boot with
each other, and see which device is causing the disks to be recognized
on 4.11, and recompile the kernel on 6.0 with that device in the kernel

Hints about how to do the recompiling can be found in the Handbook, on
> Is there any bios setting that needs to be changed or is there anything
It's most likely a driver issue, not a BIOS one.
> you can suggest that can overcome this problem? This is extremely urgent
> as I potentially stand to lose on very large projects if this problem
> cannot be overcome.
If this is a big problem, I am sure there are people for hire who can
look into this problem for you right away, to get the response you need
in a timely manner.



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