C++ unit testing?

Björn König bkoenig at cs.tu-berlin.de
Mon Mar 6 21:11:50 UTC 2006

Yuan Jue schrieb:
> Hi, all.
> How could I do a C++ unit testing? Is there an open source tool like
> JUnit for Jaca unit testing?
> Thanks in advance.

[22:11:03] bkoenig at hoppel:/usr/ports 
                                                                  > make 
search key="^cppunit" 

Port:   cppunit-1.10.2
Path:   /usr/ports/devel/cppunit
Info:   C++ port of the JUnit framework for unit testing
Maint:  gcross at fastmail.fm
WWW:    http://cppunit.sourceforge.net

Hope that helps.


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