Flash Player

Duane Whitty duane at greenmeadow.ca
Mon Mar 6 19:57:39 UTC 2006

On Monday 06 March 2006 15:13, Rem P 
Roberti wrote:
> I'm using Firefox with FreeBSD 5.4,
> and I would like to have Flash Player
> installed, but have no idea as to
> which of the available versions will
> work, if any.  Can someone give me a
> heads up here.
> Thanks in advance.
> Rem
> _____________________________________

Well /usr/ports/www/linux-flashplugin6 
with /usr/ports/www/linuxpluginwrapper 
seem to be working great for me under 
6.0-RELEASE and I would think it 
probably works under 5.4.  I use it 
with Firefox and with Konqueror 
3.5.1 (KDE 3.5.1)

Hope this helps,


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