How to know that make buildworld finished

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Mon Mar 6 15:26:53 UTC 2006

Benjamin Lutz writes:

>  > Is there a way to check that make buildworld did finished
>  > successfully?
>  I suggest using screen. You can find it in the ports as
>  sysutils/screen. It will allow you to detach from a shell, then
>  later reconnect to it. The shell will keep running in the
>  meantime. It's very useful, especially if your SSH connection is
>  unreliable.

	For several years now I have used the following to buildworld:

cd /usr/src
rm buildworld.errors
rm -rf /usr/obj
#make clean
make -v cleandir; make -v cleandir
date > ./buildworld.time
#   make -j 5 buildworld >& ./buildworld.errors
make -v buildworld >& ./buildworld.errors
tail -n 25 /usr/src/buildworld.errors | sendmail huff

	I know when it started; when it ended, and I have the complete
log available in case something went wrong.

			Robert Huff

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